Monday, November 22, 2010

Ultrasound pictures

I wanted to go ahead and give you a glimpse inside my uterus. =) Also, we have names!

Introducing: (pictures were taken at 18w6d --I will be 21w on Wed.)

Jackson Ryder Parks (Baby A)

Brayden Campbell Parks (Baby B)

Emma Lee Parks (Baby C)

We so love the fact that Emma has her hand on her forehead in her picture. I can just imagine what she was thinking with both her brothers kicking her and the ultrasound tech moving all over my belly.

New weird body things:

-My "girls" seem to be leaking just a little. Ah! I know it's early, but from what I'm told it happens.

-Strange tightening/pulling (slight pains when I move too quickly) at the top of my stomach, just under my boobs. I called the doctor today. He very casually says, "Oh yeah, that sounds like your muscles attached to your ribs are stretching and quite possibly ripping away from your ribs. It's completely normal."

-Not so new, but ever growing belly hair. I noticed an increase of hair just about everywhere as soon as I found out I was pregnant, but now it's kind of starting to look like a happy trail.

Some recent Reflections:

-Thanksgiving- Very bittersweet for me as November 27th was my due date for my first pregnancy. I have very conflicting emotions about this day. I know that without experiencing the loss of our little angel, I would not have these precious babies growing inside of me now. However, I still miss that baby and grieve over the loss.

-I do have so much to be Thankful for now. In fact there are too many to list in one single post.

-Tomorrow is my last day of work before modified bed rest. I also have mixed feelings about that. I will miss my co-workers and students, but I am relieved that I can take it easy for these babies now. We FINALLY found the perfect replacement today. We interviewed 3 today, and I told my principal I just had a good feeling about one in particular, so he went with my feeling and offered him the job!

-The girls at work are throwing me a shower tomorrow at work. Initially, when they told me they were going to do this I freaked out because it's so early, but they really allowed me to set up some boundaries, so I feel comfortable now. It's now just a gift card shower, and I've also made commitment cards for donations of sick days. They can't really donate until I'm out of my own days, but I figured the more I could get to commit to it now, the better off I'd be. The school nurse said she'd email out a reminder when I was out of days so everyone wouldn't forget to fill out the appropriate paperwork for donations.

Well, I'm off to figure out what to eat for dinner. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I know I've been the worst blogger ever, so I thought I'd give some of you what you've been asking for.
20 weeks 1 day

I've been trying for quite some time to upload the latest ultrasound pictures, but for some reason when I hit the upload picture icon, nothing happens. So, It'll have to wait until next time.

Finally, 20 weeks in...this is starting to feel real. At the same time, I'm beginning to become terrified. You try for so long to get pregnant, that once you finally do, it's almost like shell shock. Don't misunderstand me here...I want nothing more than to be a mother, and I am thrilled that I am pregnant. It's just been difficult for me to really see the end result here, and now I'm so worried that these babies are going to come too early. I guess the worrying is just part of it. My husband once asked me when I was going to stop worrying.....I told him I would stop worrying when my children are grown with kids of their own, and it's time for me to go see Jesus.

As I am closing, I realize I haven't told you all the genders of our sweet little trio. So, please pray for my boys, their sister, and their mom and dad!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quick Update

I haven't posted in several weeks, and I just wanted to let everyone know I'm still doing good. I'm 18 weeks now, and will be taken off work in a few weeks. I have another appointment Tuesday, and hopefully I'll be able to confirm the genders.

Continue to keep us in your prayers, and I continue to pray for all of you!