Tuesday, January 4, 2011

27 Weeks

Well, if you want to get technical, I'm 26w6 days. Things have been going well around here, a lot of big changes going on with my house, my body, and my babies. The house has been painted and new carpet has been put down. HUGE difference. My body has grown grown grown, with about a 30 lb weight gain. EEK! My doc says that's good for triplets, but I had gained a lot of treatment weight prior to the pregnancy. The babies are all measuring a little ahead, and today I learned that I have about 8 lbs of baby growing in there! My belly measures full term for a singleton pregnancy, but he assures me I have plenty of room to grow. I ran across a quote from The Sleep Talkin' Man. I follow his blog, and it's one of my guilty pleasures. "I'm not fat. No. It's just my awesomeness swelling up inside me." It made me smile, and I hope some of you could find the humor in it too. Now for a few pictures, and then I'm going to go lay down.

I know I look exhausted...I was! Christmas was fun, but I could hardly manage to keep my eyes open.

Jackson: This picture prompted much confusion from me when I looked at it leaving the office. It's blurry, but it says "face." I could finally make it out.....I'll let you figure it out. =)

Brayden: Profile picture with his mouth wide open. Probably trying to tell me that it was time to eat!
Emma was happily tucked away facing my back. She was being shy, but felt brave enough to show of her leg.

Alright, I'm off! It's time for some more rest! God Bless you all and prayers to you in your journey.