Friday, May 22, 2009

School's Out...for Summer!

Overall, it's been a good year. I started my year with 8 special needs children and ended with 6. Don't worry, I didn't lose anyone. They just moved. It's strange that even though I should be relishing the fact that I don't have to work for a while, I cant seem to get my mind off of what the next year holds for me. I guess I'm a worrier by nature. I can't exactly quote the Bible here, but I do believe that God says something like...don't worry. (pretty sure he wasn't the one that added the be happy on the end) I know worrying will get me no where, but I guess I'm addicted to it. What will happen next? What if? Why did that happen? What did he/she mean by that? The list could go on. I think I'll insert a personal goal here. Goal: Stop worrying so much. (But what if I can do it? LOL I can't stop) I guess we all have our little quirks. A dear friend of mine takes her flattening iron to work with her everyday just to make sure she didn't leave it on. God love her.

So I have some super exciting plans for the weekend. Tonight I plan on doing a little laundry and housework. Tomorrow I'm getting a pedi done with my mom, and I'm going to spend the night with her and go to Church with her on Sunday. I realized today that I don't spend enough time with my mom. My special ed coordinator was the one that actually made me come to my realization. I told her that I was going to spend time with my mommy, and she got a bit teary eyed and told me that I should while I still could. I guess when you're growing up you never really have any reason to think that your mom won't be there for you, but it happens to everyone. I need to enjoy my mom while I still have her. She's not sick or anything, she's probably in the best health she's been in for years, but I remember how upsetting it was for her when her mom got sick. Hm...I'm kind of sad now.

Happy thoughts!
Until next time readers...if I ever get any.

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