Thursday, February 3, 2011

31 weeks

Hello all! Just wanted to check in again. Yesterday I was officially 31 weeks pregnant. I have my final 2 week appointment tomorrow, then I will be seen weekly. We are praying that everything continues to go as planned.

It's hard to believe that I could have triplets any time now really. Doc says 36 weeks is the longest he'll let me go, and if I do make it to 36 weeks, the triplets will arrive on my birthday. I'm getting pretty uncomfortable these days. Baby B stays under my right rib, and sometimes breathing or bending is really difficult. I will survive! It's a small price to pay.

Many congratulations are in order for several of my blogging friends. Congrats on your adoptions/pregnancies ladies!!!

I'll try to be more diligent in blogging, but picking up the laptop has become a tad more difficult than I ever expected. Prayers for you all!


  1. Im so glad things are going well!!!! :) Good luck with everything and I cant wait to hear the news and see the beautiful pics of these babies that you wished upon a star for! :)

  2. So exciting! Keep us updated! :)