Friday, April 1, 2011

Time Flies...

...when you're having fun. It also flies when you aren't getting much sleep. The babies are 5 weeks old this week, and they are growing so fast. Each of them are so precious and different from one another. Jackson Ryder, "Baby A" is our laid back boy. He loves to eat..currently weighs the most, and hardly fusses at all.
Brayden Campbell "baby B"loves to be held. His Ma's (my mom) and Nana (dh's mom) have spoiled him when they are here...but that's okay...babies are meant to be spoiled.
Emma Lee "Baby C" is our princess/diva. She was so still and quiet when she was in my belly, but now she likes to make herself known. Everyone says she will have to be loud with 2 brothers. Everything has been going great since we've been home. Of course I doubt myself from time to time, and I have made mistakes, but I learn each day what works. We had a scare with Jackson this week that sent us all to the doctor to deal with reflux. We've cut back on how much they are eating, and the problem has really corrected itself. The doctor only charged us one 30 dollar co-pay this time, so that was an added bonus. I don't have a lot of time to blog anymore, but I promise to update when I can. I hear the babies stirring, so I'd better go!


  1. So happy you all are doing well! I have absolutley no time since Lleyton's arrival. I wonder where the time goes each day and he's only 13 days old! And there is only one of him! I can't imagine 3, but I know you are managing beautifully :)

    Sending love and continued blessings