Thursday, July 14, 2011

A new name and a few pictures...

I thought I would give my blog a new name....I didn't think it was possible, or it's something I would have done a long time ago.  Shows what I know about blogging.  Ha!

I uploaded some pictures to discover that my camera is HORRIBLE, and I need a new one...most of my images are blurry.  However, I thought I'd post a few for your viewing pleasure. =)

First Time Swimming
 Brayden and Jackson

 All 3 tuckered out

 Sweet Em

 Sweet Jackson

 Sweet Brayden

 We love the turtle float!

 Too cute, huh?

Pigeon Forge 1st Vacation
 Lounging in our jammies

 Good Morning, Jackson!

 Brayden is bright eyed in the morning!

 Emma was talking to Mommy.

The babies slept through seeing the bears. =)

Until next time...


  1. Oh wow they are TOO cute :)

  2. They are SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. oh they just can't get any cuter! Hope you are well :)

  4. Oh I love it! They are so adorable!!!

  5. Such cute little munchkins! They are very photogenic, even in their sleep. :-) I love the new name of your blog, too!