Sunday, April 25, 2010


I have another ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday, and I'm having a bit of anxiety about it. It's been a rough week. After speaking with the nurse (whose name I don't know) on Wednesday, everything kind of went fuzzy. Thursday, I got a text from my husband, showing me a bloody hand. At work, while trying to cut a tie off of some parts, he slipped and the knife stabbed him directly in the crease between his left thumb and pointer finger. He was okay, just had to get 4 stitches. His truck had been in the shop for a while, and his keys had his house key on it. So, he called me to come let him in the house so he could change out of his bloody clothes. When I pulled in the drive, he was bent over in pain...not with his hand, but with his back. Apparently, he pulled his back prior to stabbing himself, but it only began to cause him significant pain after he left the doctors office. I had to help him get changed, and as he was walking out to the truck his leg buckled beneath him. He insisted on going back to work, but then just as soon as I got to work, he sent another text and said he couldn't do it, and he was on his way home. I encouraged him to return to the doctor, but he said he'd be fine. When I got home he was in such pain, I dug out my old pain pills from my foot surgery about a year ago and told him to take one. He took one then, and before bed. Nick doesn't work on Fridays, so as I was at work, he called and let me know that he called work and explained that his back was really bothering, and they told him to go back to the doctor that they would cover it under workman's comp. All the doctor gave him was some samples of celebrex, but the part that is really upsetting is that, since it was workmans comp, they required him to take a drug test. I start to panic because I had given him the pain pills, and they were clearly not his prescription. People are losing their jobs all the time because of stupid things like this. The next thing I know, I've worked myself into a near panic attack. I could literally feel my heart beating in my neck. I ran to the nurse and took my blood pressure, and it was 155/103. Then I begin to panic because my blood pressure is high and it's not good for the baby. I've already been so worked up about the baby this week, that I knew this was bad. I broke down and called ART at 1:30. I knew they closed at 2, so I called and told the receptionist that I needed to speak with a nurse right away.

I told the nurse (who's name I know..starts with K and rhymes with Aaron) everything that I was feeling, what the nurse had told me when I called Wednesday and how I was absolutely losing my mind with worry. She grabbed my file, and said that yes, while my gestational sac is measuring behind, I had good cardiac and baby growth, and I needed to focus on that. She told me that the only thing I need to worry about it getting calmed down, and getting my blood pressure under control. I'm sure she had to think she was dealing with a nut, but at that point...I was at my breaking point. Speaking with her did make me feel better though. The school nurse allowed me to take the blood pressure cuff home with me, and I was able to monitor it until it finally came back to normal. When I got home, I told Nick that I couldn't worry about his job, that if he were to get fired, then God wanted him to find something else anyways. He then told me that he is planning on going in first thing Monday morning and just coming clean with them and explaining the situation to them. It's clear that he is in pain, still at this point. He walks with a curve in his back, and if you had to share a bed with him, you'd fully understand with all the tossing, and grunting that's been going on the last 3 nights.

Pray that Nick's work situation works out for us. Also, pray that my mind remains calm, and that my baby is doing well. Lastly but absolutely not least, please keep the other RachelP in your prayers as she goes in for surgery Tuesday. Every day of the week is a big day for someone out there. Tuesday just happens to be another big day for Rachel and myself.


  1. Rachel,

    You are SO right, every day is a big day for someone out there.

    So sorry you've had such a week and sorry that Nick's suffering from back pain, not to mention the cut and stitches. When it rains it pours! I can relate to giving him old pain med's, as desparate times call for desparate measures. Hang in there sweet girl :)

    Take care of yourself and your little bean. And, how thoughtful of you to be thinking of the other Rachel :) So sweet.

    HUGS and Know that I'm sending prayers your way.


  2. My heart is hurting reading your post. Thank you for your honesty as you type all of this out. These are some hard times! We Rachel's are really going to stick together Tuesday! Please know that I'm praying for you and keep us updated!!

  3. Oh my! You have had an awful week. I hope your husband's boss is understanding about the pain pill. People who have never had back pain dont realize how incapacitating it is. I hope he gets to feeling better soon. If he is walking leaning to one side then he has probably bulged a disc in his low back. If you have any questions about it...I'd be happy to answer them.

    Good luck on Tuesday. I'll be praying for good news!

  4. Hey Rachel,

    I would make sure he is icing his back..NO HEAT! I would also have him lay down as much as he can. If he lays on his side then have him put a pillow between his legs and if he lays on his back then prop his knees up a bit. That will take pressure off his back.

    Since he is leaning to the side when he walks that is a pretty positive sign for a disc bulge. If he has any pain when he takes a deep breath, strains, or coughs that is another sign. Hopefully he doesnt have any leg pain....that is something else that can happen with a disc bulge. I would give it a week to see if he feels better before doing the MRI.

    I dont know how accommodating your doctor is....but a 5-10 day prednisone pack will really help him heal faster. It takes down the inflammation and swelling that has built up.