Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I was not released as expected. The ultrasound measured me at 8 weeks, and according to my LMP I am 8 weeks 4 days. The bleed was still there, but I wasn't really concerned by it. They explain it to me like I have no idea it's there every time I have an ultrasound, so I just asked her if it was new blood or old blood. Her reponse..."I have no idea about that" This wasn't the girl that had been doing the ultrasound since I've been pregnant, but I do remember her from routine follicle scans. I didn't let her lack of knowledge in the bleed area get me down because I was on cloud nine after seeing the baby, and the heartbeat, and I was feeling confident about talking to Dr. Long. Dr. Long came in and of course mentioned the bleed. I asked him if it had gotten bigger and he said no, and that the culture they did last week came back fine, but since the gestational sac is smaller than he would like he's concerned that there still might be an infection despite the normal culture. So, antibiotics for 7 days, Ultrasound and bloodwork next week, and an appointment with Dr. Long again the first week of May. I had some time to sit and think about that before the nurse came in to talk to me. She asked if I had any concerns, and I told her I was concerned about the antibiotic and that my culture had come back normal. In a tone that really upset me she says, "Well, cultures aren't always accurate, and a bacteria infection can cause a miscarriage." So with tears in my eyes, I just followed her to get my bloodwork done. Apparantly I was wearing worry all over my face, and the peppy little blonde that does the blood work, asked if something was wrong. I explained to her the situation, and she told me it was in God's hands. She's right, but it didn't keep me from having a meltdown in my car in the parking deck. Typically going to the doctor since I've found out I was pregnant has made me feel better....this time..not so much.


  1. bless your heart! people don't always think about how they sound especially to someone in your position. i'm so glad the baby is doing well and you got to see it :)

  2. Thanks, I was kind of hoping for something like "Oh, it'll be okay the antibiotic won't harm the baby at all." With that....melt down could have been avoided.

  3. I think its amazing how they can measure a teeny tiny fetus down to the day.

    Praying everything will be ok. I would have had the same reaction. *hugs*

  4. Some people can be so insensitive! I'm sorry the visit wasn't what you were hoping today.


  5. They put me on antibiotics after I bled at 8 weeks and I was worried too b/c my culture was fine but they did no harm and the blood cleared up shortly there after. Try not to stress because like the lab girl said, "it's in God's hands"

    Also, new blood looks like another sac, it's black, old blood looks more gray like the uterus it's just another shade. I hope this helps.

  6. First I'm glad you were able to see your beautiful baby and its heartbeat, that's always a wonderful experience and a good sign.

    Second, remember when they measure the baby its just an estimate and 4 days behind is still ok, I had my twins measure 9 weeks exactly when they were supposed to be 9w& 5 days and by the next appt they were both measuring quite ahead, so that part should be fine.
    Third, I'm praying really hard for you and your baby. I'm sorry they weren't more compassionate in the way they explained things, it really makes a difference. Big hugs.

  7. Thanks Girls! I'm less concerned about baby size than gestational sac size. That seemed to be the thing that made Dr. Long a bit more concerned. However, I have no idea what it is measuring. I've left a message with the nurses because I have so many questions.

    Samantha, thanks for helping me feel better about he antibiotic. I was hoping you would have some encouraging words since you've had a similar experience. How far along were you when they released you? I'm going to try to post the U/S picture later and show you the bleed and see what you think. The picture quality is horrible though, I think they didn't have the resolution turned up enough and the picture is mostly black.