Friday, January 8, 2010

Biggest Loser

I have faithfully watched every season of The Biggest Loser, except the one where the winner has now gained all his weight back. For Christmas, my dear sweet husband bought me a Wii and a Wii Fit. I didn't have to drop many hints at all either. Okay, I confess..that's a lie. I only told him every other day since my friend's birthday at the beginning of November when she got one. But, that's beside the point. I got the Wii didn't I? My parents, per my request bought several accessories and games for me for Christmas as well. I had asked for a Yoga game, thinking that Yoga would ease my infertility stresses, but Mom couldn't find the one I was talking about so she got me The Biggest Loser fit game. I have to admit I was a bit afraid of this game, since I have in the past owned 2 Biggest Loser workout dvds and done them a total of 2 times before deciding that Bob and Jillian just weren't for me.

So, the first time I played the game was the first day I opened my Wii and Wii Fit, and I was way too excited to read the instructions. I weighed in and noticed that it was weighing me roughly 10 lbs. less than I really weigh. I kinda liked it, so I didn't worry that there was something wrong with my board. Two days later, I read that if I am using the wii fit board on carpet I should put the included extra feet on the bottom of it. Ah ha! Needless to say, it weighs me pretty accurately now. I've only played the game 3 times to date. The second time I didn't have to weigh in yet, because it was not elimination time. Today, the third time I played, I had to weigh in. Uh oh. I have lost 5 lbs since I played last, but I knew that it would still put me at a gain. Sadly, as expected, I fell below the yellow line. However, the girl that fell below with me is the one that go eliminated. Bob yelled at me. He told me I barely escaped that elimination and that I'd better step it up. New goal: don't let Bob down. Ha!

On a completely different note, my dear friend Lance should start a blog. Leah, I think he's "thinking about it." You should hound him with me until he does. I think I'm going to end up loving this thing.


  1. I agree Lance should start a blog!!! OR I will start one for him. Doesn't Kathryn Elmore work on that show?? I swear she does. Well good luck and keep up all the good work!

  2. I believe she does casting or something like it? There have been some pictures on her fb in the past of the show finales.

  3. That game looks fun! We got a Wii for Christmas last year and I absolutely love it. My favorites are the Wii Sports and Wii Ski...and Mariokart. Good luck with your new workout routine! :)

    I like your new blog format - cute picture on the top! It may not be extremely new because this is the first time I have used the computer to check out blogs in a long time. I normally use my iPhone and it displays the blogs differently. Anyway, it's cute! I noticed your husband has on an Auburn hat though...I don't know how I feel about that...Roll Tide. :)

    I actually have some family up in Cullman...Kristi and Daniel Williams. Do you know them? Kristi grew up in the area (can't remember her maiden name) and Daniel is the meat market manager at the Piggly Wiggly. They technically live in Vinemont now. Thought it would be pretty cool if you knew each other!

  4. I'll have to try Wii Ski and Mariokart. I love wii sports. You should try Wii play too.

    Thanks for noticing my blog's facelift. My expert blogger friend told me I had to do something with it...I haven't had the changes up long. I myself, don't like football. However,I always called myself an Alabama fan because I like red. =)

    I don't know Kristi and Daniel, but I don't know may people in Cullman unless I've had them in class, work with them, or go to church with them.

    I'm glad you're following my blog, I'll try to keep things interesting.