Friday, March 26, 2010


I know I haven't posted in a while, things have been busy busy lately. We've been taking a lot of trips to Birmingham lately to help care for my father-in-law since his surgery. His heart is doing well, but they did find a blood clot in his neck. He has been on blood thinners since his surgery and his body is all bruised from that. Also, he has been a heavy smoker for years, and now he's having some trouble with his lungs. They want to get him back in soon to run some tests on his lungs, and come up with a game plan for that blood clot. He's been really struggling to quit smoking as well. Keep him in your prayers and ask that he gain the strength to quit.

Most of you know I'm a Special Education teacher, and I have to share my latest giggle with you. For confidentiality reasons, I'm only going to refer to the students as A and B. Student A is Autistic and possibly one of my all time favorite students (yes, I have a favorite...I'm a bad teacher) His scooby doo boxers are always hanging out the top of his pants, and he is a big boy who hovers over me when we stand next to eachother. Student B has Down Syndrome and ADHD. He's a little guy whose speech is hard to interpret for most everyone.

This took place Monday while the students were eating their lunch together:

Student A: Hey, Student B, What is your IQ?
Student B: (Blank Stare)
Student A: Well, what is 2+2?
Student B: (Blank Stare)

Student B begins to get nervous since Student A is drilling him, and he starts to rock back and forth and make a chanting like sound over and over.

Student A: (laughing) You're silly, but it's because your brain is so small.

It may not be as funny as I remember now that I'm writing it all down, but I could not stop laughing. First of all, I couldn't figure out how in the world Student A knew what an IQ was, much less that you might be able to determine it by adding 2+2. These kids never cease to amaze me. I have some bad days here and then, but I always need to remember to give thanks for such a great job and such wonderful students.

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  1. That story shows complete "innocence" and I can understand why you laughed :) Special children do bring such JOY don't they. God bless you for what you do Rachel. You and Marie, another blogger in FL, who is also a Special Ed teacher, are amazing women....who ARE going to be amazing MOTHERS!

    Hope that your FIL keeps improving and feels better soon :)