Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Alas! A Diagnosis.

Today was my first visit with my new RE, Dr. Long at ART. Once we made it through the maze of a parking deck (and all of the elevators)we made it to the office. I was immediately impressed with the waiting room, it was much bigger and more comfortable than the one at St. Vincents. Shortly after I arrived a very sweet lady came up to me and asked me if I was RachelP!!!! I knew immediately that was "Other Rachel's" mom! Not too much later, Rachel came out from her appointment. It was really exciting! RachelP no longer just lives in my computer. =) I arrived at my appointment at about 9:30, and we didn't leave until almost 1:30.

First, we met with Dr. Long. Yes, I actually got to meet the doctor! I hate to keep comparing things to St. Vincents, but I never actually met the doctor in the 6 months that I was with their infertility clinic. Dr. Long is great. Nick and I both really liked him. Within the first 30 minutes of being there, I FINALLY got a diagnosis. I have mild PCOS/Insulin resistance. I literally had no idea. Why in the world wouldn't anyone have told me this. I understand that it's a mild case, and I don't have all the symptoms, but come on! Why couldn't someone else figure this out? So, here's the plan. 150 units of Menopur on CD 3-8 or 4-9. From there, if my follicles look good, we'll do the HCG injection then IUI. I've done HCG twice before, so I know how that game goes, but I'm not familiar with the Menopur, and if we get to go ahead with the IUI it will also be my first. Anyone else on Menopur? What side effects should I expect? Oh, they also said I'd do progesterone suppositories too after IUI.

Next, they did a pelvic exam and an ultrasound just to check things out. This part did take quite a while. I sat completely naked with a sheet and a paper vest for about an hour before they came in for the pelvic exam. Then, I had to change rooms, and instead of getting completely dressed again then told me to put on my top and wrap a sheet around me and I could run to the next room. I waited for the ultrasound for about 30 minutes. By the time I got back to my DH in the financial counseling room, he was going stir crazy. He had read every pamphlet they had on every disease, disorder, and procedure. We me with the nurse for a while and signed more paperwork, and she taught us how to mix the Menopur. After that, the fiance lady came in. She helped us make sense of our insurance coverage. Finally, Nick and I went and had our blood drawn for some tests. It was an eventful, but good appointment.

We decided to go ahead and get the drugs even though it's a while before my next cycle starts. We stopped at Southern and dropped about $500 on drugs, and that was with 50% coverage from the insurance company. Don't get me wrong...I'm not complaining. I'm grateful that we were able to buy these drugs, but it would be nice if they were a bit cheaper.

I'm so thankful to God, that he put wonderful doctors on this earth that can help us when we are in need. I praise him that we're finally able to figure out what is going on with me, and I have faith that he will give us a child one day!


  1. YEA!!! It was so good to finally meet you! I'm so glad everything went well. I'm on Menapur, too. I had to mix it with Bravelle and inject it at the same time. It's not bad at all :) I'll be praying!!

  2. Yea! Sounds like things went well. My RE also thinks I have a mild case of PCOS. That is why he recomended the sugar busters diet because it helps lower blood sugar levels. Awesome though that you now have a plan of action! Sounds like I need to be driving up to Bham to join the party at ART with the Rachels!

  3. I'm so glad you have answers and a plan! I'm hoping this new doctor gets you knocked up pretty fast. The Menopur wasn't too bad for me, the little headaches and the sleepy feelings I got could have been from that, the Gonal F or the Lupron, I have no idea. But its fine. You will be fine. My fingers are crossed for you!

  4. Yay! So glad you like Dr. Long! If I remember correctly, Menopur kind of burns when you inject it. But I mixed it with follistim, so it might have been the follistim.

  5. Yay! I am so glad you appointment went well. I have done menopur as well, but I usually mixed it with Gonal-F or Follistim. The progesterone suppositories aren't much fun to be honest, but hey, we will all try anything right? Good Luck, I will keep praying for you.


  6. I'm so glad you liked the group at ART! I knew you would. The way you described it all sounds so familiar! :) Great to meet you Monday!!!! Prayers coming from me as well!

  7. Glad everything went well. The Menopur does burn a little bit, but it is no big deal. It will make you more emotional too....but heck...this whole process does that to you anyway.
    Good luck!!

  8. Oh babe..I am thinking of you. I have been in similiar shoes and I had a miracle and you will too!!!

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