Friday, February 19, 2010

Wii Grant

A while back, one of our instructional assistants brought her wii and wii fit to my classroom for use to use for a few days. The kids were awesome at it, and there were a lot of physical benefits too. Since then, I have been wanting one for my classroom, but with budget cuts, I couldn't afford it with my instructional money, and when I asked the "higher-ups" they always just told me to write a grant. So...I did. I'd never written a grant before because I figured it would be too lengthy or hard to do. Boy, was I wrong. I wrote it in about 15 minutes, and much to my surprise....I got it! So I was excited, the kids are excited....the only problem is that everyone is out of wiis right now! Ugh! I managed to catch our local walmart when they had just gotten a shipment of the wii fit in, but still no wii...anywhere. Apparently Nintendo shuts down for January for the Chinese New Year. Boo Nintendo! I want my wii! I have roughly 90 days to get a wii before my grant expires. My game plan is to call Wal-mart every morning, and remind them that we want one, so when they get shipments in I'll be the first thing they think about. If anyone is in "the know" about wii shipments, please let me know. I have a purchase order ready to use!

On another note, I made it to Brookwood all by myself today for my first baseline with them. Everything looked okay--no cysts to worry with. I should be good to start with the Menopur on Sunday evening. Here is where I gripe about the $3 parking: Gripe Gripe Gripe. Ok, that's enough...back to work!

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  1. Do you have to buy it from Wal-Mart? I would try looking online and see if you can get it from anywhere that way. I don't have a wii though, so maybe I'm oversimplifying it. And you can get cheaper parking passes if you buy them ahead of time! They're $1.50 if you buy them beforehand. If you call ART they can probably tell you where to go to get them, I can't remember off the top of my head.