Saturday, February 6, 2010

My First Blog Award!

I never thought I'd see the day, but "Other Rachel" from "The Pughs" nominated me for a blog award! Thanks Rach! You're the best! With this award comes a small duty though. I am supposed to nominate 7 blogs for the award as well as tell 7 random facts about myself. (Rachel, I'm using your blog as a template for this..hehe)

In no particular order:

1) "I did, I do, I will" (Shanny)One of my new fertilifriends who has the best sense of humor. Check out her blog to see her nickname for the ultrasound.

2) "The Eberts" (Samantha) I met Samantha at January's Resolve meeting, and I've been following her blog ever since. Her journey and success has given me so much hope!

3) "Life Letters" (Leah) Leah and I went to high school together, played soccer for a little bit (we were horrible) and then she moved away to Utah. Between Facebook and Blogging we are in touch regularly. Her blog is always a fun read.

4) "Q and A" (Audrey) Audrey and I also went to high school together, played soccer for a little bit, but she never moved to Utah. She always posts great pics, I love seeing her little girl Deci. =)

5) "Mandy Owens Photography" (Mandy-of course) She is a friend from school who has really had great success with her photography business. She does great work, and she travels too!

6) "Infertility and the City" (Jaime) I just started following this blog, but so far I love it. It's so comforting to join others in their journey. This is too tough to do alone.

7) "Conception Deception" (Brandy) I also met Brandy at January's Resolve meeting. I was so lost and broken before I went to that meeting last month. Brandy and Samantha both gave me the idea of using blogs to help cope. I can't wait until our next meeting Monday.

I also really enjoy some of the other blogs that "Other Rachel" posted. We follow some of the same blogs. I tried to chose different blogs so we didn't "double dip."

Okay, so now...7 random facts.

1) I have a horrible fear of Buffalo. As a teenager I witnessed a buffalo attack at Yellowstone National Park right next to Old Faithful, and I have yet to recover. Family tends to think this is a funny bit of information. A few Christmas's ago I got a little buffalo toy. Thanks Mom!

2) I can swim like a fish. It took 2 near drowning experiences as a child, but I kept pluging away at it. I love to swim, although I haven't done it much in the last several years.

3) I count my steps just about everywhere I go. Sometimes, when I'm feeling comfortable and confident I don't do it, but if I'm in an unfamiliar place or feeling anxious you'd better bet I've got my mental pedometer ticking away.

4) I had an exchange student live with me when I was in high school. Her name is Anu and she's from Finland. I got to go back home with her for a few weeks, and that was the last time I've needed my passport. It expired this year.

5) I've got the sweetest Golden Retriever ever! I bought him for my husband right after we started dating. His name is Brody and he is so laid back.

6) My husband and I have our own cheesy lingo that we use with eachother. He is my "smouse" instead of my spouse, and he might tell say, "come wish me" instead of "come with me." There is really no rhyme or reason, just certain words we say certain ways. I know..we're obnoxious.

7) I'm a very picky eater. My least favorite food: potatoes I don't even like french fries. I'll eat fries if they are thin and crispy..but that's it. Don't mistake my picky eating for lack of love for food...because obviously-I LOVE TO EAT!

Well, this was fun!


  1. Congratulations on your award!!!!
    And thank you for mine =)

    Brody is adorable! I wonder... do you count his steps too? heehee

  2. Thanks for the award! And to answer your question you put on my blog, no DH didn't gain weight while on clomid. I've actually heard of guys losing weight while on it because their testosterone increased. Has he changed eating or exercise habits lately?