Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Something encouraging

I found this post on the Resolve Community, and it brought me some peace. I just thought I would share. Keep fighting the good fight ladies. I sure am trying =)

Alright so I want to make a confession to all of you who have yet to get your BFP, I know that on this website almost everyone says to "stay positive" I'm guilty of it too. I also know how incredibly hard it is to actually stay positive. (easier said than done right?) I want everyone on here to know that I was down and not feeling very good about this last cycle which was our 3rd IVF, the only thing I finally starting taking comfort in with this last cycle compared to the first two was that I knew no matter what whether it worked or it didn't, was that God gave me the strength to FIGHT. And when I say fight I mean...fight for what I want, fight for my family, fight to WIN! I knew that it may not have worked but that in the end my husband and I would somehow, someway have the family of our dreams.

My very best friend through this fertility battle was a women who went through the same thing...someone who ACTUALLY knew what I was going through, someone who would justify all of my ridiculous, angry, mean, jealous, terrifying thoughts. And continue to tell me that it was ok to feel the way I did, and that it did not make me a horrible person. One of the things she told me that meant soooooooo much to me that I want to share with all of you, is this......

She told me to look around...to think of all the people who have said things next to you or even to you about how "if you stop trying so hard you will get pregnant," "if you are positive it will happen," "Oh it only took me and my husband 2 months to conceive," or (My personal most hated beyond all hate comment) "I'm pregnant again....and it was an accident" UGHHH (this one still makes me cringe!) She told me that I have to consider how weak they are and that if God put this on their shoulders they would have crumbled, they would no longer be able to function. But no, he chose us, WHY, because we are the ones capable of FIGHTING, the one's who lose month after month, year after year, and survive to fight another day with some tiny almost non-existant amount of hope. We are the ones with the strength not the weakness that will fight until we WIN. Don't ever give up! If you want your family...KEEP TRYING. You may never get the family that you were always dreaming of...(one boy that looks like DH, one girl that is identical to you...etc) But when God leads you down the path to your family you will realize it is better than you had ever imagined and you will look back on all of this and know that every second of this was worth the beauty and perfection of YOUR family.

So I leave you with this....it's not always important to be positive, it is important never to lose that tiny, tiny, speck of hope, and whatever you do, do NOT stop FIGHTING! I know whatever path God leads you on all of you amazing, strong, beautiful women will be the BEST mom's anyone has ever seen!!!!


  1. Wonderful post and thanks for sharing :) I can say that we do have to keep fighting and I pray for peace along the way.


  2. Thanks Rachel. I find when I do pray- I pray for strength to keep on fighting. I won't give up until we have our family either, though it may continue to hurt to do so.

  3. awesome Rach...thanks for sharing this. LOVE IT! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing that :) I needed that little pick me up! Thinking of you!! ~Nicki